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Custom Set Design - Backdrops - Murals
Design & Production For Entertainment And Industry
For Theater, Opera, Ballet, Film, TV And Nightclubs

We design and paint custom scenery and backdrops for theater, opera, ballet, film, video and nightclub performances. Permanent retail/restaurant interiors and public spaces are also addressed with an emphasis on hand painted murals.

The Scenic Design process can include: initial concept & budget meetings, a site check to confirm or create existing drawings of the venue, gathering preliminary research imagery, creating sketches, hand / CAD drafted package in ˝” = 1’-0” scale with ground-plans, sections, elevations, renderings, color scaled elevations, models, and full scale samples.

Custom Murals... Interior or Exterior any size. For most interior murals we suggest the hand-painted artwork on heavyweight muslin in acrylic, plastic varnish, latex or water based polyurethane such that we can paint it in the shop, and then install it like giant wallpaper with heavy duty wallpaper paste. The art can then be moved later if necessary. The site is disturbed for as little time as possible. Exterior murals need a clean, solid, dry, undamaged surface. And preferably flat clear ground up to the face of the wall for ladder, scaffold, scissor or boom lifts to be set up on. We enjoy any kind of Faux or Trompe l’oeil, and architectural period imagery is a specialty.

Backdrops... Our paint deck is 24’ x 54’. We also paint Scrims, Translucencies, Olio and Main Curtains, Borders, Legs, Tabs and Cutout drops. Workshops for 4 – 16 people are provided for groups who would like to learn how to paint their own drop over a 2 week period. We typically order the unpainted soft-goods with webbing, grommets and ties at the top, side seams, a pipe-pocket or chain sewn in at the bottom, and pre-flameretarded with fire certificates sewn in. We will also paint into your existing soft-goods. Refurbishing older drops is always an adventure… and we are willing!

Ornamental detail drawings, renderings and pounces created full scale.
We will also bid on other designers work for the paint production.

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